Tailored investments

We take the time to discuss with you, to analyze your needs and objectives, while taking your degree of risk tolerance into account. This allows us to advise you and to offer you products appropriate to your circumstances in the short, medium, and long term. You may open a new account with us and/or transfer investments secured elsewhere in order to benefit from our advice.

Planning for your children’s education: individual and family RESPs

Saving for your projects

Planning for a career change: pension fund transfer, LIRAs

Preparing for your retirement

RRSP – Registered retirement savings plan | RESP – Registered education savings plan | TFSA – Tax free savings account | LIRA – Locked-in retirement account | RRIF – Registered retirement income fund | LIF – Life income fund | HBP – Home buyer’s plan

To simplify your investments, contact our team today at 819-243-0433.

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